In the Doll House

Written by Deborah Espect
Directed by Emma Blundell
Sunday 7th February 2010, 8.30pm
The Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Nikki has made the ward her home, whether she likes to admit it or not. When her best friend Sarah is released and new girl Ann arrives in her place, Nikki’s world turns upside down. All she has left on her side is her vulnerable protégée, Cags. They are constantly confronted by Nikki’s worst enemy, Helen, and the ever-present Nurse Perry.

The ward seems unchanged but Anne is inconsistent, Cags has trouble remembering, Helen twists everything and Perry has a job to do. When five women are stuck behind locked doors and in their own heads, who can you believe?

Cast: Ashley Hope Allan, Emma Carroll, Stephanie Farrell,
Jenny Harrold, Katherine Reilly, Carolyn Tomkinson

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