Touch of the Devil

Written by Deborah Espect
Directed by Bronwen Carr
Cast: Dominic Brewer, Stephanie Farrell, Elizabeth Healey, Nick Lawson, Christopher Mark

It is 1666 and London is about to go up in smoke. As the city
descends into chaos, Hannah and Jean Baptiste try to find a way to be together in spite of all the obstacles and prejudice in their path.



Written by Emma Blundell
Directed by Kamaal Hussain
Cast: Matthew Bates, Laura Jane Child, Carolyn Tomkinson, Alastair Watson

It is 1952 and the city is wrapped in a thick cloak of smog; over four nights Londoners are both lost and found. In 2010, the echoes from the fog resound across the London of today.

Hot Man

Written by Van Badham
Directed by Emma Blundell
Cast: Ashley Hope Allan, Thom Fell, Kirsten Shaw

It is 2010 and smoking is increasingly frowned on, but when beset
by the traumas of modern relationships, sometimes that's all you
can do. Helen and Andrew live in adjoining flats and smoking is
bringing them together. But there is one problem: Penny, Andrew‘s ex.


Past Productions





Photographs: Kimberly Hurry
Cast: Nick Lawson, Stephanie Farrell, Elizabeth Healey,
Matthew Bates, Carolyn Tomkinson, Laura Jane Child, Alastair Watson, Kirsten Shaw, Ashley Hope Allan, Thom Fell